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From @DirtyDogRacing 08.06.2024, 20:50

Would it be possible to connect a physical track call button via usb to a phone or tablet running SmartRace Connect to act as touching the on screen track call button?

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#1 From @smartrace 10.06.2024, 08:35 Owner

Thats not possible as far as I can tell. I think the easier way would be soldering a physical button directly to the track. There are manuals on the internet about how to do it. I think it's pretty easy from what I understood.

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#2 From @dirtydogracing 10.06.2024, 19:41

I know that is easy but ideally I would like the ease of the physical button with the functionality of smartrace. Like it knowing who pressed the button and the penalty system 

#3 From @smartrace 11.06.2024, 13:10 Owner

Ah, okay, I see. That makes sense. I don't think something like this will be implemented though to be honest. You already have the possibility to make the track call button cover the full screen, which should be okay for most cases.

#4 From @dirtydogracing 12.06.2024, 03:11

I do use it that way but it has problems that u wouldn't have with a physical button like having to hit it multiple times before it actually stops and if u use penalties it sometimes charges u multiple penalties for hitting it more than once.

#5 From @smartrace 12.06.2024, 07:27 Owner

Okay, I'm reopening this to keep it in mind. Let me think about it for a bit. Maybe it would be an option to connect external bluetooth keyboards/single buttons to the smartphone and then grab the button signal in SmartRace.

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#6 From @dirtydogracing 12.06.2024, 17:58

Thank you!!

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