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From @mizzlek 29.01.2020, 00:07
1. Tire wear (possibly even compound choices soft medium hard for example
2. Race control device with BIG buttons for penalty and VSC (somebody else has posted this as well. Too good has to be listed again)
3. Staggered starts for qualifying; announcer says name of driver when they head out onto the track
4. Automatic VSC deployment when car deslots (I don’t even know if this is physically possible, but I always wondered if there is a change in voltage/voltage surge when a car deslots) thereby triggering a VSC. Just a dream thought.
5. Sporadic/random “bad” pit stops. Issues with a tire change, etc

This is an absolutely fabulous app that has completely changed and enhanced our race nights. WONDERFUL stuff.
#1 From @mizzlek 03.02.2020, 14:16
6. Rain and occasional thunder sounds during weather on track
#2 From @smartrace 11.02.2020, 15:45 Owner
Hey Manish,

thanks for your ideas!

Actually one thing from your list is coming very soon (2) as an extension for SmartRace Connect, so stay tuned.

Here is my feedback for the other items:

(1) There are currently some issues with applying speed/brake changes to cars on track, which is why this is currently no option. I will probably re-evaluate once Carrera fixes this.
(3) I fail to see how this would work with the current concept of SmartRace, tbh. I'm sorry.
(4) This is technically not possible. :-(
(5) Well, I understand the request, but that is not something I want to implement at this point. There is a high chance that people get frustrated over such "random" punishments when there are already things that can't be avoided (e.g. laps not being counted when START is pressed and a car rolls over the finish line).


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