#13269 New minor issues after updates

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From @mizzlek 23.02.2020, 22:52
Hi guys

New update is fantastic. Thanks so much for continuous support of a great product

Couple of minor issues I’ve run into since update:

1. Ran into issues saving races. I get the screen saying “successfully saved” but saved races not showing up in history, and the save button does not display check mark and allows me to save over and over again. (Previously after a save it would lock you out, confirming a successful save)
2. Same with backups. Just get a spinning wheel but new backups are not being generated
3. Connection with control unit seems a bit more buggy. Had several dropped connections with control unit during races, when before connection was always solid.
4. SmartRace connect slower to connect but functioned well
#1 From @smartrace 24.02.2020, 18:35 Owner
Hey Manish,

could you please enable the debug mode and then try everything again? The log should fill with helpful messages which I can then use to debug your issues if you send it to me (via the Help & Support area in SmartRace).


#2 From @mizzlek 25.02.2020, 01:58
Hey Marc

I happened to have debug on yesterday!

The send request for support button is not functioning in the app

I’ve managed to copy and paste as much of the log from yesterday’s action and will paste in here as a comment


Ps I still can’t create a new backup as of update.

#3 From @mizzlek 25.02.2020, 01:59
[comment deleted]
#4 From @smartrace 27.02.2020, 13:39 Owner
Hey Manish,

your comment broke the bug tracker unfortunately. There seems to be an issue with comments which contain lots of text. A bug in the bug tracker... oh dear. :-D

As the debug output was pretty much polluted with SmartRace Connect messages: Could you please try to reproduce the issues again, but this time without using Connect (= only the issue with saving races and creating backups)? That would be great. If possible, please send me the output via mail to info@smartrace.de then. Do you have any email software installed/activated on your device? Or is there any error message when you try to send the support request from your ipad?

#5 From @smartrace 07.03.2020, 14:37 Owner
Any news on this issue, @mizzlek?

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