#15136 Smart Race can’t connect to LAN with Ethernet

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From @Manuel06p 16.11.2021, 07:28

Smart race can't connect to LAN with Ethernet connection. The app says that there is no wifi connection. Other apps works good with Ethernet too.

#1 From @smartrace 16.11.2021, 09:34 Owner

Hi Manuel,

why would you want a LAN connection? What are you trying to do?


#2 From @manuel06p 16.11.2021, 13:44

hi, thanks for the reply,

I have been using the smart race app on my phone for a few weeks. Yesterday I thought it would be great to install smart race on my android tv and tried it. Everything worked fine, but in the settings, the wifi connection was missing. I wanted to report this fact to let the smaart race team know.

Thank you

(sorry if my english is incorrect, but it is not my native language)

#3 From @smartrace 16.11.2021, 14:30 Owner

Servus Manuel,

Deutsch geht auch 😺

Okay, verstehe. Kann die Box prinzipiell Wifi? Und ist dieses eingeschaltet?


#4 From @manuel06p 16.11.2021, 14:39

Hi, I'm Italian, and I know English better than German😅 With Wi-Fi it works fine, but the router is far away, and the TV works best with Ethernet for streaming. Even changing from WiFi to ethernet is complicated, because there is no option in the settings that allows it and I always have to unplug the ethernet cable.

#5 From @smartrace 16.11.2021, 14:47 Owner

Whoops, I'm sorry, I was assuming you're German reading your name. My apologies 😸

Okay, I understand. I currently don't plan to add LAN support to be honest, but let's see. Most people who want to use SmartRace Connect just use an old router in their racing room and establish a simple wifi with it. No internet connection needed in order to use SmartRace Connect, so that's fine.

Hope this helps :-) 

#6 From @manuel06p 16.11.2021, 14:53

Ok, Is a good idea, thanks👍 (my father Is from Bozen, but i can't speak german😂)

#7 From @smartrace 16.11.2021, 14:56 Owner

You're welcome, greetings to Italy! 👍

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